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12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

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  • $44.99 per week payments for 12 weeks. This product will secure your first payment.
  • Unlimited Nutritional Advice and a free 3 day detox plan.
  • 33 participants needed to embark on fun, exciting, weight loss experience for 12 weeks. 
  • Ages 12 and up are welcome to join. 
  • No athletic or gym experience is needed
  • Must be willing to workout out at least 3 days per week for 30 minutes.  
  • Must be willing to gradually change one's eating eating to maximize weight loss results.
  • Weekly check ins to ensure that participants are having fun, losing weight and enjoying the process.
  • Must be willing to be held accountable by a knowledgeable and compassionate Coach that will inspire you to LOOK and FEEL your BEST.

This product will give you the insights on a 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge! In order to book you MUST fully register.

Complete Registration includes the following steps:

  • Add this product to your cart
  • Check out purchasing the admission fee
  • Come back to our home page and locate to our “Health Questionnaire” page
  • Completely fill out the Questionnaire form and submit it in order to best accommodate you

After purchasing this product AND filling out our questionnaire your registration is complete. You may complete the steps in any order that best suits you, as long as they are complete. We look forward to seeing you at our event!